About Us

LMG Lighthouse Trust reg. is an independent and licensed trust company. It is seated in the Principality of Liechtenstein, an experienced, rich in know-how and internationally-oriented financial center with AAA-rating (Standard & Poors, September 2010).

Our experienced team – which has already successfully worked together in the same constellation for several years – consists of the three managing partners Dr. Alexander Lins, LL.M., Mag. Lucas Mair and Mag. Stephan Gabriel as well as the assistants Mrs. Jacqueline Hemmerle-Nigg and Mrs. Franziska Pizzi.

LMG Lighthouse Trust reg. represents an independent and client-oriented advice in the various fields of Wealth Management. On the basis of traditional values like reliability, confidentiality, trust and constancy our consultancy services are characterized by a high degree of creativity, individuality and actuality, whereby we anticipate future developments in and around Liechtenstein.