Asset Structuring

  • Comprehensive, objective analysis and a resultant optimization of security for the retention and increase of your asset base;
  • Forward-looking planning, taking into account any changes in life situations;
  • Assistance in selecting the right bank and/or asset manager;
  • Assistance with the controlling of your asset manager (financial statement) due to lack of time;
  • Efficient management of "non-bankable-assets" such as real estate, holdings, trade marks & patents, works of art.

We offer you an evaluation of your asset situation and concrete recommendations for improving your asset structure. Our consultancy service takes the adjusting of the current situation as its starting point, extending through to a long-term, balanced and sustainable structuring of your assets.

The composition of a portfolio is often not only multi-layered and complex, but also spread across several jurisdictions. The different legal and taxation implications therefore require forward-looking and integrated planning.

As objective and independent partners and consultants, we will support you in the selection of specialists, in particular of qualified asset managers and banks. You will have the benefit of our many years’ experience and our systematic and transparent selection process. We select the most suitable asset managers on the basis of the asset structure which was especially designed for you - so that your assets are always in the best hands, and at fair terms and conditions.