You are looking for a legal organizational form for a charitable purpose in your lifetime but which in particular can also be sustainably realized in the long term, after your death.

The following criteria are a priority in this:

  • Private/Public: you want to decide yourself whether or not your name is to be associated with the charitable organization (discretion);
  • Complete independence from state funding decisions and the varying propensity to give donations;
  • Flexibility: the possibility of influencing decision-making as regards fulfilment of the charitable purpose;
  • Utilization of attractive tax advantages.

The following areas can be classified under the heading of philanthropy, among others:

  • Education and training
  • Scholarships for gifted students
  • Youth welfare and care of the elderly
  • Third World projects
  • Art and culture
  • Religion
  • Science and research (awards)
  • Animal welfare
  • Environment and Nature conservation
  • Landscape and heritage conservation
  • Preservation of tradition and heritage
  • Sport
  • Public health system
  • International understanding
  • General promotion of governance
  • Charitable purposes
  • Corporate citizenship

The Liechtenstein foundation has for many decades proved to be the ideal vehicle for realizing philanthropic objectives. We can advise you in all matters concerned with establishing a charitable foundation, starting with the taxation-optimized dedication of your assets and extending through to the utilization of tax advantages in the context of the foundation itself. When designing the foundation’s organization and documentation, we will discuss with you the optimum structure of the foundation which has been tailor-made to meet your requirements and also a "foundation governance" adapted to the conditions.

We ensure constant monitoring of the projects funded by the foundation by means of clearly organized reports on the foundation’s activities.