Succession and Tax Planning

  • Conservation and safeguarding of your "life’s work" for generations to come;
  • Protection of your assets from unnecessary splitting and excessive taxation;
  • Prevention of disputes among your heirs;
  • Fulfilment of your last will and testament by estate planning which ensures that your assets are transferred into “the right hands” and retain maximum value;
  • Analysis of your current personal asset situation and development of a strategy which meets your goals, wishes and needs;
  • Support in arranging corporate succession;
  • Assuming responsibility for future generations (e.g. education and training) and also the community (philanthropy).

Concern about the question of “What happens after I am gone” is a major challenge for any of us. This is why it is all the more important to have personal support, in other words, support which is both professional and based on empathy to help you with succession planning and the tax planning associated with it. Along with many others, you find yourself facing in particular the following questions:

  • Which of my heirs should be given which assets?
  • Which of my heirs is suitable to carry on the business?
  • Which national and foreign regulations have to be observed, given my heirs’ different places of residence and the location of the assets?

To answer these and other questions arising from them comprehensively, the planning process should be employed at the earliest possible stage in order to deal properly with the interactions commonly associated with them and their significance.

As your competent, independent adviser, we will help you and your family to develop and implement tailor-made plans for the future which both suit your personal interests, wishes and requirements and secure your assets for generations to come. We are supported in this by our carefully selected national and international network partners.

Careful design and planning and also implementation are paramount, especially in matters involving corporate succession. You will be able to benefit from our experience in this.