Asset Protection

Your earned or acquired assets are exposed to many different risks. These can occur both in your private sphere as well as in your professional environment. Even if some of these risks are covered at least in part by insurance, the resultant liabilities may nevertheless affect your assets.

You therefore want professional assistance with your personal risk analysis, assessment, planning as well as your risk management. The protection and conservation of your assets for future generations through responsible, risk-oriented planning is a major concern for you.

There are many different "techniques" which you can use to protect your assets effectively - depending on the type of asset and the risks associated with it.

Early risk-oriented planning of the asset structuring is in any case a prerequisite for the effective protection of your assets. Once a risk has already occurred (e.g. the claim has already been made by a creditor), it is usually too late for asset protection planning.

On your behalf, we will examine and analyze those risks which might adversely affect your private or business situation and highlight various options to minimize individual risks.

We will assume ongoing risk management for you, as circumstances change quickly and new risks can arise as a result.